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The Sleepover® padded, fully fitted sheet is specifically designed for travel/portacots and for many years has been making life so much easier for Mums and much more comfortable for baby when using a travel/portacot.




The Sleepover® fits completely over the base of a travel/portacot, and the softly padded top provides a comfortable sleeping surface for baby.

An additional safety feature allows the base, with The Sleepover® fitted on it, to be anchored to the bottom of the travel/portacot, as recommended by the cot manufacturer. Locate the fastening strips through the openings at both ends of The Sleepover®, feed through the slits in the bottom of the portacot and secure underneath. This ensures complete safety as the base cannot be removed or lifted up by an infant, avoiding any possible entrapment.

The Sleepover by JUNIPPERS 

Order The Sleepover Online NOWThis safety feature is unique and exclusive to The Sleepover® and was developed in conjunction with INPAA (Infant Nursery Products Accreditation and Approval).

The Sleepover® is the only way to make your travel/portacot comfortable AND SAFE.


Safe, secure and comfortable
Convenient and Portable





"Hail to The Sleepover! What an ingenious, easy to use super safe and easy to clean product. I have received MANY thanks from parents saying their child has slept wonderfully in a portacot with The Sleepover. A highly recommended product".

- Hire for Baby - Gold Coast, QLD -

 The Sleepover by JUNIPPERS

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